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Goofs and Bloopers

The towel that Jimmy Dugan is holding just before praying folds itself just before he drops it on the ground.
After they bring out the Peaches for their first game, and announce all of them, they run out on the field. In the background, you can see Rosie O'Donnell trip over a wire and fall down.
The ball that Dottie hits that causes her sister to jump to the ground is shown being scooped up by the center fielder twice.
When Dottie tells Kit there is a hole open in right field, she tells Kit to pull the ball. Kit, however, is a right-handed hitter and pulling the ball will cause it to be hit to left field.
Sometimes in scenes at the Rockford Peach's home field there is a white four-storey building behind the right-field fence. In other scenes there are only trees behind right field. This is because Rockford's home field was shot in two different cities (League Stadium in Huntingburg, Indiana and Bosse Field in Evansville, Indiana).
In the scene where the initial team tryouts are being held in an ivy-walled stadium (obviously Chicago's Wrigley Field) there is a shot of Betty Spaghetti running back to make a catch in the outfield in front of a plywood wall that is clearly from another field.
While Dottie is waiting for Kit to sign a girl's ball after the World Series game, we see a stadium vendor walk into the restroom behind Dottie. In the very next shot, he walks into the restroom again.
When Marla is looking out of the train window waving goodbye to her father, there is a reflection of the American flag. When they turn the shot to her father waving back, there is no flag along the entire depot.